Alley Oop Ep 14: Chris “Kid” Reid from Kid N Play

Christopher “Kid” Reid is Paul Morrissey’s guest on this episode of the Alley Oop Podcast. Kid is part of the platinum selling rap duo “Kid N Play” who also starred in the House Party movies (1,2 and 3). He also tours as a standup comedian which is where the two first met while performing a standup show in the Los Angeles area a few years back. We also find out that Kid composed the Real Time with Bill Mahar on HBO. Paul and Kid met when they performed standup at a show together and found out they lived in the same neighborhood in Queens and shared a love for Big East basketball.


The two talk sports right away- why was Doug Flutie never appreciated? What’s it like to be a NY Knicks fan? Why is sports betting an insane hobby? They also talk about which point guards influenced Paul’s game- from Tim Hardaway, Tiny Archibald to Mark Price. Kid also tells some great pickup basketball stories playing with Andrew Toney and Moses Malone.

Kid also talks about how crazy it is for Phil Jackson to criticize Kobe Bryant, and how insane Kobe and his family must be to want to sue each other. Kid talks about first getting famous and how important it was to buy his father a car. They talk about Paul’s days as a reporter covering the Sacramento Kings, “White Chocolate” Jason Williams, and Kid tells a great story about what it’s like to go drinking with Charles Oakley and Derrick Coleman.

They talk about old school Big East hoops- St Johns, Mark Jackson and his brother Troy (AKA Escalade) who Paul went to summer basketball camp with. Paul asks Kid what it was like to chase his dream and achieve rap super stardom. Kid talks about touring with NWA and the old school hip-hop scene as well as what the music scene is like now and the thrill of performing as Kid N Play at NBA games.

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