Alley Oop Podcast Ep. 20- Carlos Kotkin: Author & Accidental Studio Executive


The Alley Oop podcast returns with a great episode with comedian, author, former Fox Studio Executive and 12 Moth Storyslam winner Carlos Kotkin. Comedian Paul Morrissey and Carlos are old friends from standup comedy and have performed with each other many times over the years and produced a show together called “Funny Writers Reading Stories.” Paul discusses his recent work on a sitcom pilot and also announces that he’ll be appearing on the David Letterman show on July 10th.

This inteview is from several months back, and Carlos mentions shyly that he’s working on an animated feature script which we now can disclose that it is the blockbuster sequel “Rio 2.” Paul & Carlos also discuss how to get a book deal and develop it into a TV show. Carlos also discusses how he develped his penpal relationship David Sedaris.

Carlos wrote a hilarious book about dating called “Please Got Let It Be Herpes,” which you can purchase on or go to an actually store that sells books. For more information, go to his website

Buy “Please God Let It Be Herpes” by Carlos Kotkin by clicking this link below:

Carlos Kotkin at the Moth:

Carlos Kotkin at The Echoplex from Carlos Kotkin on Vimeo.


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