ALLEY OOP Podcast Episode 1: Steve Mazan: Dying to do Letterman

In this episode, Paul Morrissey interviews Steve Mazan about his project “Dying To Do Letterman.” It started when Steve was diagnosed with cancer six years ago when Doctors gave him a minimum of 5 years to live. Steve decided to chase his comedy dream to perform standup on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” Miraculously, Steve achieved that goal which was filmed every step of the way in his award winning documentary “Dying To Do Letterman.” He also wrote a book, won an Emmy Award for TV writing and has done a bunch of other impressive stuff while you’ve just been sitting there reading this. Steve shares his funny and inspiration story with Paul, and they also talk about the Super Bowl Shuffle.


Celebrating after the first screening of the “Dying To Do Letterman” Documentary screening.

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