ALLEY OOP Podcast Episode 3: Ari Shaffir Part 1:The “Get Ari on Boardwalk Empire” Holiday Special

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Comedian Ari Shaffir joins Paul Morrissey for a Holiday Episode of the Alley Oop Podcast. Ari discusses his little league and volleyball career, Bill Burr on Breaking Bad, Paul’s quest to get Ari in the Rothstein Mafia on the TV Boardwalk Empire. They also discuss how Ari says,”Mark Maron helped Paul’s career even though he swore he wouldn’t.”


Paul and Ari hanging out after the Skeptic Tank recordings. And down below, check out Ari and Paul’s CD, both featured on iTunes.


Be sure to check out Ari’s podcast,”The Skeptic Tank” and download 4 tracks from his CD “Revenge For The Holocaust” on

More imposing? The New York Knicks or Comedian Basketball Team “Shawn Kemp’s Kids”


R to L (Brian Moote, Ari Shaffir, Geoff Keith, Paul Morrissey, Jeff Dye)

Ari gets prepared for his first TV special and why he’s relaxed about it. They also talk about how they became teammates in the comedian basketball league, what things upset them now- which including bad referees and traffic.

I don’t think anyone could pick out Ari out of this lineup, so I isolated his picture 2 photo 3

Ari also talks about Larry Bird’s famous steal and why he falls asleep in public places during very important sporting events. Paul explains why Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony are selfish to their teammates and gets Ari and the rest of the audience to watch “the greatest round of boxing ever” on youtube. If you want to play along, search on youtube “Ron Lyle and George Foreman, Round 4.” Hear Ari and Paul’s reactions at the beginning of the next episode (which can be considered Part 2 of this one)

Listening Video Links:
Bill Burr on “Breaking Bad”:

Watch Ari’s soon-to-be-nemesis in “Boardwalk Empire”Bobby Cannavale in this great clip from “The Other Guys”:


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