ALLEY OOP Podcast Episode 5: Kevin Rooney Part 1:Low Hanging Fruit (Kevin Rooney, Paul Morrissey)


In the first part of this episode, Paul sits down with Emmy Award Winning TV Writer, Actor and Comedian Kevin Rooney. The two have quite a lot in common, including a working class background, attending many different colleges, and both of them also truly enjoyed working as a custodian before pursuing standup comedy as a career.

Kevin Rooney giving Paul a tour of the “Wellness Institute”

Paul digs into the archives and finds Kevin’s appearance on the TV Show “Cheers” to begin the episode. Kevin talks about the long road from college to the army, to more colleges, then to New York, coming out to Hollywood, enjoying success in showbusiness as a writer and a producer while putting standup comedy on the backburner. Great comedy minds like Judd Apatow and Dana Gould quote Rooney’s advice often, so sit back and listen to Paul pick Kevin’s brain about comedy, showbusiness, and life from a guy who has seen it all.

Young Kevin Rooney in an episode of the TV show
(Young Kevin Rooney in an episode of the TV Show “Cheers” scalping two tickets to Diane to the Mah-vin Hag-ler fight)

Kevin tells Paul about his upbringing, different colleges, different jobs before comedy. They discuss the satisfying feeling of working as a janitor, and how Kevin almost become a bartender at a Vermont Ski Resort for a career. Ultimately he met Ritch Shydner in Washington,DC, and how they become roommates when he got into standup in New York City.

Kevin Rooney during his standup comedy days
(Kevin Rooney performing on TV during his standup comedy days)

An Emmy Award-winning television writer, Kevin appeared five times on


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