ALLEY OOP Podcast Episode 7 W Earl Brown Part 1: To Deadwood and Back


W Earl Brown and Paul Morrissey at Flappers Comedy Club

W Earl Brown is a talented actor, producer and writer. He first gained notoriety playing the role of Warren in the Farrelly Brother’s hit movie “There’s Something About Mary”:

W Earl says that most people (including Paul) don’t realize that he played the role in There’s Something About Mary. Earl’s most famous role to date is playing Dan Dority, Al Swearengen’s right hand man in HBO’s Deadwood. Check out the famous “Unauthorized Cinnamon” Scene:

You want to talk about range: Retarded brother, Deadwood Thug, Meatloaf? Earl is the only who has played them all:

On DEADWOOD, W Earl also won the best street fight in the history of television, watch the clip here:

MORE DEADWOOD-Dan Dority and Wu try to communicate only using one word:

Paul realizes that the hand Wild Bill Hickok was dealt in Deadwood when he was killed was called the “Deadman’s Hand” which is a pair of Aces and a pair of 8’s. This is mentioned in the Motorhead classic, “Ace of Spades”:

Deadwood co-star and comedian Franklyn Ajaye on the TV Show “Make Me Laugh”:

The great Bob Oedenkirk reprises his original Ari Gold character in this Samsung commercial (which Paul Morrissey also auditioned for):

Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler go at it on the Late Show with David Letterman:

Andy Kaufman, Live At Carnegie Hall. At the end he reveals Robin Williams played his Grandma and takes the audience out for milk and cookies:

Eddie Murphy with an Elvis-like exit as Randy Watson, lead singer of the band Sexual Chocolate in the movie “Coming To America”:


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